Children Friendly Vacations

There are so many reasons for families to choose Chrysiida Luxury Suites as their baby & children friendly holiday destination. Our premises offer family facilities that make travel easier and allow more freedom for relaxation and entertainment! We provide a quiet environment for our little guests to relax and sleep peacefully and other amenities that can add value to an unforgettable holiday experience. Not to mention that our wider area is filled with family attractions from stunning, children friendly, beaches to historic landmarks, beautiful walks, and family friendly restaurants.

Whether you are swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the close-by beaches, playing on the sand, relaxing under the warm sun or enjoy a family walk in the venetian old town of Chania, you are sure to experience magical moments as a family, and recall childhood memories of your own!

In order to ensure maximum comfort while you stay at one of our apartments, we provide the following amenities! Our Children facilities include:

Quiet Environment

Our apartments are located in a quiet small village close to the city of Chania. Our village is ideal for relaxation and calming (away from city traffic and noise) and for this reason is mainly chosen by families to enjoy their vacation. The village offers several small traditional cafes, taverns and restaurants with home-made food and drinks as well as grocery shops where you can find local fresh healthy fruit, vegetables and traditional products made from pure materials for your family. 

Baby Friendly Beaches close-by

Within five minutes from our apartments you can have easy access to three baby and children friendly beaches with crystal-clear waters and gold sand where your family can enjoy swimming and playing. The beaches are equipped with quiet cantinas and taverns for you to enjoy snacks, meals and refreshments. Two of these beaches are awarded with the blue flag (2018) so you are sure that your children enjoy clear beaches during their vacation

Baby Cot

Baby cots provide a comfort sleep to the babies. Our apartments are equipped with baby cots for our little guests to enjoy a safe and serene sleep. Just inform us before arrival and the cot will be deployed to your apartment.

High Chair

A High chair is an essential for the little guests of our apartments. They provide convenience and comfort for the baby concerning feeding and socializing activities. Our apartments are equipped with light weight portable high chairs that you can use within or outside of the apartment while you stay at our premises.

Baby Bath tub

Babies are sensitive and they should be handled with utmost care. Therefore, a bath tub where you can place your baby on safely and securely, is an amenity that could not be missing from our apartments. A bath tub provides bathing ease, hygiene and safety in comparison with the traditional shower room or bath tub. Just inform us before arrival and the bath tub will be supplied to your apartment.


Our apartments are equipped with a blender where you can prepare the breakfast, meal or dinner of our little guest without having to carry equipment from home. You can prepare home made baby food from fresh and healthy materials as you were at home.

Bottle Sterilizer

You can continue to give your baby the best possible start in life even if you are in vacations. Newborn babies are still building their immunity system against contaminants that our adult bodies are accustomed to encounter and defend from. At our apartments we give you the opportunity to keep harmful bacteria from being transmitted at feeding time with a bottle sterilizer. Just inform us before arrival and we will provide a bottle sterilizer to your apartment.

Plastic plates & Cutlery

Our apartments are equipped with plastic plates and cutlery suitable for children so as to enjoy their food with safety. 

Baby Plug Covers

At our premises safety comes first especially when it comes to babies and children. Our apartments are equipped with plug covers that you can use when you stay with children.

Bicycle Safety Seat

In Chrysiida Luxury Suites we promote cycling for both exercise and leisure. We offer a couple of bicycles for each suite. If you feel like cycling with the company of your child, we have a bicycle safety seat available for you so as your ride to be both relaxing and safe. Please ask us for a bicycle safety seat and we will attach it your bicycle.


We strongly believe that children are the joy of life. This is the reason why they should be always happy. We have developed a small playground with swings, slide and other toys that our little guests can enjoy during their free time at our apartments. Always with the supervision of parents, children can entertain themselves in the playground and enjoy their summer vacation in Crete.

Do you enjoy cycling?

cycling small Would you like to avoid taking a car for short distances on your vacation? We offer two bicycles per Suite for your nearby shopping or a relaxed evening cycling in the sunset.

We care about your sleep!


Our apartments are equipped with the most advanced sleeping systems, so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep every night during your stay in our complex.

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Pool Facilities

pool smallRevitalize yourself in our quiet and relaxing outdoor swimming pool. Enjoy the warm Cretan Sun from a sunbed next to the pool with the company of your favourite refreshment. Let your senses wander to the magnificent view and explore all the colours of the sky and the sun during the sunset.

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