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COVID-19 Update

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Updated: 01 July 2020

Committed to Safety & Hygiene

“…. The health and safety of our guests and staff has been and remains our top priority at Chrysiida Suites.

We present to you the carefully designed operation and protection plan in our accommodation.

It includes specific guidelines that focus on your safety and well-being without compromising on the quality of the hosting experience we offer you.

Enjoy a safe summer next to the sea …”

Chrysiida Suites

Accommodation Action Plan

We have developed an action plan and independent protocols for taking action and managing any suspicious Covid-19 cases in order to prevent and limit the spread of the virus to staff and visitors.

The action plan complies with the directives of Greece and the International Health Organizations and will be revised accordingly, if necessary.

According to the action plan, the Safety & Hygiene Coordinator of the accommodation will supervise and ensure that the protocol is followed and will act in accordance with the instructions of the Health Authorities.

On arrival

  1. The independence of our apartments as well as the space of the outdoor areas and gardens of the accommodation ensure safe distances between guests.
  2. The operation of the accommodation has been adjusted according to the National Health & Safety Protocols.
  3. Specialized training of all staff in matters of health and safety (Health First Certification) for the observance of Greek protocols in the fields of health, safety and hygiene). The training includes:
    • Sources and modes of transmission of the virus
    • Procedures for informing the people in charge of the accommodation and the customers themselves
    • Methods and communication approach of the visitors
    • Behavior and actions in case of illness by staff
    • Methods and practices of cleaning and disinfecting the identified sites based on the risk and the possibility of transmitting the disease
    • Follow the basic measures to prevent transmission of the coronavirus – COVID-19
  4. The staff of the accommodation is equipped with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.
  5. Contactless daily thermometry of the accommodation staff.
  6. Inform in advance about any specialized needs of our guests through an electronic questionnaire to avoid lifelong consultation at the accommodation.
  7. The reception operatesin an open space where the appropriate distances are observed, as well as contactless check-in procedure is in action.
  8. Customers are informed about changes in services provided.
  9. Contactless thermometry of visitors.
  10. COVID-19 event book is docuented for the purposes of public health protection actions. Attention is paid to the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and all visitors are informed that a record is kept for reasons of public health protection.

Accommodation Protection Measures

  1. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the apartment is carried out with certified cleaning and disinfection products as well as the use of steam.
  2. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols of all surfaces are applied in each room of the apartment and the bathroom before the arrival of the guests.
  3. A trained staff representative accompanies guests upon check-in, providing all information on accommodation facilities and apartments in accordance with sanitary measures.
  4. Non-essential equipment such as magazines, laundry bags, bathrobes, decorative pillows and covers have been removed from the apartment.
  5. Adequate ventilation of the apartment is carried out between two bookings.
  6. The time between check-in and check-out has been increased to allow the necessary time for thorough cleaning and disinfection of the apartment.
  7. The key-cards are disinfected after each use.
  8. Remote control covers are used for air conditioners and televisions, suitable for regular disinfection.
  9. Visits by non-residents are prohibited.
  10. The change of linens (bed linen, towels, etc.) as well as the cleaning of the apartments during the stay is carried out only at the request of the guest.
  11. Hygiene rules  are followed by the staff when sorting dirty linen using the appropriate means of personal protection. Separation (marking) of areas of dirty and clean linen.
  12. The accommodation communicates the measures and requirements of the action plan to all public areas within the accommodation by all available means (electronic and printed).
  13. Special equipment (medical kit) is available in case of suspected case, such as gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer.

All facilities of the accommodation are regularly inspected to ensure their proper operation.

Protection measures in reception, public areas and swimming pool

  1. Safe distances between sunbeds and umbrellas as well as on table seats in the area around the pool.
  2. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection is applied to all sunbeds, tables and seats after use.
  3. A steam device is used to disinfect fabric surfaces.
  4. Systematic chlorination of the pool with the use of suitable branded products.
  5. Regular measurement of chlorine levels and Ph regulation according to the National Health & Safety Protocols.
  6. Reduction of the maximum total number of entrants into the pool at any one time is not more than one bather per 5 m2 of water surface (6 people).
  7. Hand sanitizer points for guests and staff.
  8. Strict cleaning system of all public areas, with frequent disinfection of surfaces and frequently touched areas.

During departure

  1. There is a contactless issue and payment of bills for check-out.
  2. POS terminals are disinfected after each use.
  3. Sending the documents by electronic means.
  4. Hand sanitizer points for guests and staff.
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