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Chrysiida Suites is located in a quiet village called Chorafakia, in Akrotiri. The suites are located 500 meters from the sandy quiet beach of Tersanas, 2 km from the famous beach of Stavros (from the movie Zorbas), and 2 km from the cosmopolitan beach of Kalathas. The sea is known for its crystal clear waters, where you can relax and enjoy your swimming and sunbathing with your family and friends. All nearby beaches are fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, where you can enjoy your coffee, refreshments and lunch.

In the village of Chorafakia you can find cafes, taverns, restaurants, grocery stores, supermarket, gas station and car rental services. The village of Kounoupidiana is 3 km away, where you can find a pharmacy, ATM, Bookstore, Super Market and other essential shops. The historic city of Chania is at a distance of 14 km, where you can visit by car, bus or taxi.

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Akrotiri is a rocky piece of land on the north side of the island of Crete. To the south, the port of Souda is located between the peninsula and the rest of the island. Most of the peninsula is a plateau elevated considerably above sea level while there are a number of hills along the north coast.


Distance: 0 meters

Chorafakia is located in Akrotiri, 14 km from the city of Chania, 6 km from the airport. It is a quiet place that offers everything you need to spend the most amazing vacation on the island. Chorafakia is a village that will definitely make you feel more at home.

Tersanas Beach

Distance: 500 meters

A sandy bay, perfect to spend your time under the warm, summer sun of Crete with your family and friends. Tersanas is a small port for fishing boats and an old boat yard. The beach has a canteen and there are several taverns and restaurants in the area.

Stavros Beach

Distance: 2 kilometers

The rock formation creates a shallow bay, protected from the north winds thanks to the mountain that falls into the sea. The beach became world famous in 1964 where the movie "Zorba the Greek" was shot. The site has many restaurants around the beach to enjoy a traditional Cretan meal and coffee for your coffee, drink or refreshment!

Kalathas Beach

Distance: 2 kilometers

A beach with golden sand and clear blue waters. A small island in the center of the beach gives the opportunity to explore those who love adventure. Kalathas is a beach friendly to young children and families. There are canteens on the beach and taverns nearby where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner.

Holy Trinity Monastery

Distance: 5,3 kilometers

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity, also known as the Monastery of Tzagarolos, dates from the 17th century. A path with cypress trees leads to the imposing entrance of the monastery, where the silence and quietness combined with the beauty of the gardens, create unprecedented emotions.Take some time to visit the cellars and try the local wine produced by the monks. The monastery is also famous for its quality organic olive oil and locust bean products. There is also a museum with a large exhibition of wood carvings and icons.

Gouvernetos Monastery

Distance: 8 kilometers

Once you reach the Holy Trinity Monastery, it is a pity that you do not go any further. A few kilometers ahead, following an impressive mountain road, is the smallest, but no less wonderful monastery of Gouvernetos. It was built in 1537 and remains one of the oldest monasteries in Crete. The construction of the building looks like a fortress, with defensive towers used against pirate attacks. The church has the most impressive features on the facade, with countless monsters carved in stone.

Arkoudiotissa Cave

Distance: 8 kilometers

From Gouverneto, the route is only accessible on foot and leads to the cave of Arkoudiotissa which is believed to have been used for the worship of ancient gods, but was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, during the Christian era. After a descent of 140 meters, is the katholikon of the third monastery which is now abandoned. It dates from the 5th or 6th century and was founded by Saint John the Hermit. The monastery is built on the rock, with the only church largely carved into the rock.

Venizelos Graves

Distance: 8 kilometers

On the main road to Akrotiri, there is a place that offers a panoramic view of the city of Chania, as well as the White Mountains.In this extensive park, protected by the shade of the pines, you can visit the church of Profitis Ilias, as well as the grave of Eleftherios Venizelos and his son Sophocles.At the same place, you can visit the statue of the heroic soldier of Spyros Kayales, who became famous, making the trunk of his body a mast to hold the Greek flag that was shot down during the great bombing of the city in 1897.

Allied War Cemetery of Souda

Distance: 12.5 kilometers

In the area of ​​"Vlites", in a wonderful natural environment are the graves of Soldiers of the allies who fell in the struggle for freedom, during World War II.Dead soldiers from the allied forces who died in Crete gathered here from four different cemeteries in different cities of Crete. The cemetery was built by the Commonwealth Committee for Military Tombs and was established after the Second World War.It is open to the public all year round and offers great views of the surrounding area, including the beach and the harbor.

Seitan Limania Beach

Distance: 13 kilometers

A hidden enchanting beach with clear blue waters located at the end of a steep mountain road with sharp turns. To reach the beach requires a 20-minute descent from the mountain to the beach. The beach is small so the best time to visit it is during the busy months of May and September. You need to take with you everything you need to spend your day.

Get to Know Chania

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The city of Chania can be divided into two parts: the old city and the modern city which is the largest. The old town is located next to the old Venetian port and is the matrix around which the entire urban area has developed. In the past, the old town was surrounded by the old Venetian fortifications-moats that began to be built in 1538, of which only the eastern and western parts have survived. To the south, the old town borders the new, and to the north the natural border is the sea. The old town of Chania is considered the most beautiful urban area in Crete, with an important attraction the old Venetian port. The borders of the old city are the destroyed Venetian walls today and it was the cradle of all the civilizations that developed in the area.

Municipal Market of Chania

One of the best places to get a real taste of the gastronomic traditions of the island is the Municipal Market, which houses some of the authentic basic elements of the Cretan diet.Selected stores sell local honey, cheese, bread and herbs, as well as olive oil, snails and fresh herbs.The market officially opened its gates to the public only three days after the unification of Crete with Greece (1913) and is one of the most impressive markets in the Balkans.

Venetian Lghthouse

The port of Chania was built by the Venetians in the 14th century. Much has changed since then, but the lighthouse still stands proud. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world and was renovated in 2006, but is no longer operational. Guests are not allowed, but you can reach it by walking along the pier of the old port and enjoying a unique sunset.

Venetian Harbour

The old port of Chania was built by the Venetians between 1320 and 1356. It is no longer used as a port for large ships, you will only find fishing boats, boats and sailboats. There are many restaurants and cafes around the port, where you can sit and enjoy the delicacy of your choice overlooking the magnificent sunset.

Old Town

The Old Town is a maze of colorful cobbled streets lined with cozy little shops to explore. Traditional taverns, souvenir shops, cafes and bars in a friendly atmosphere that takes you to other times. There are many places to wander, which give a sense of the depth of the history of the place. The stone paths and cobbled streets connect preserved historic buildings with Venetian, Ottoman and neoclassical influences. One season merges harmoniously with the next.

Museums of Chania

Chania has to show several museums able to cater to the interest of every visitor. Among others: the Naval Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Gallery, the Museum of Folk Art, the War Museum, etc.


Another interesting point to visit is the Tabakaria area, which is a 15-minute walk from the Venetian port. There you will see the old leather processing buildings that operated until the beginning of the 19th century. Some are well preserved. Tanneries began to appear in the area during the period of the Egyptians in Crete around 1830.

Municipal Garden

The Municipal Garden is a green park designed in the late 19th century according to European standards by the Turkish Pasha, Rouf. There is a small zoo where you can see some beautiful birds and the endangered Cretan Goat. At the same time you can enjoy your coffee or drink in the Garden cafe

Nightlife in the City

One of the most important things to do in Chania is to have fun! As in almost every city, there is a nightlife area filled with action. In Chania, this is Daliani Street. People of all ages often visit the bars and restaurants along the cobbled street. Another nice corner for a drink is Akti Tombazi, a pedestrian street with nice bars overlooking the sea.

Open Air Cinemas

A top experience you can enjoy in Chania is the open-air cinema. Chania has two open-air cinemas. The Attikon Cinema is located in the Halepa area which screens current movies. The other cinema operates in the Municipal Garden.

German Military Cemetery Maleme

Distance: 32 kilometers

In the German military cemetery Maleme are 4,465 graves of German soldiers who lost their lives in Greece during World War II. Most of them were paratroopers killed during the German invasion of Crete in May 1941. The Cemetery was founded in 1974.

Samaria Gorge

Distance: 55 kilometers (starting point)

The Samariá Gorge is a National Park of Greece since 1962.The gorge was created by a small river running between the White Mountains (Lefká Óri) and Mt. Volakias. The walk through Samaria National Park is 13 km long, but one has to walk another two kilometers to Agia Roumeli from the park exit, making the hike 15 km long. The gorge is a refuge for the rare kri-kri (Cretan goat), which is largely restricted to the park. The village of Samariá lies just inside the gorge. It was finally abandoned by the last remaining inhabitants in 1962 to make way for the park. The village and the gorge take their names from the village's ancient church, Óssia María.

Cool of at the most beautiful beaches

Enjoy some of the best beaches in Greece

The prefecture of Chania gives some of the best options to enjoy your swim in some of the best beaches in Greece. Combine your bath with an all-day excursion driving through routes that will be unforgettable.

Balos Lagoon

Distance: 70 kilometers

The lagoon of Balos has white sand and turquoise waters. The sea is very shallow and warm, ideal for young children. In many places the sand has a beautiful pink color, due to millions of crushed shells. Beyond the rocks on the edge of the lagoon, the water is deeper and colder, ideal for swimming. The lagoon and the wider area are protected by Natura 2000.

Falassarna Beach

Distance: 70 kilometers

Falassarna beach stretches on a very large coastline (about 3 km from one end to the other) and has been awarded as the most beautiful beach in Crete and is considered one of the 10 best beaches in Europe. It has crystal clear waters and wonderful white and pink sand. When the wind raises the waves, it is the best time for surfers. The beach is organized and suitable for families with small children.


Distance: 85 kilometers

Frangokastello is a small seaside village on the south coast of Crete, about 12 km east of Chora Sfakion. The castle was built by the Venetians in 1371-74 to impose order in the revolutionary area of Sfakion, to prevent pirates and to protect the Venetian nobles and their property.Frangokastello is one of the most famous beaches of Crete, famous for the legendary ghosts of the Drosoulites and shallow turquoise waters, ideal for children.

Elafonisi Beach

Distance: 91 kilometers

Elafonissi is located 76 km southwest of Chania and is a protected area Natura 2000. It is an exotic place covered by white and pink sand and turquoise waters that look like a lagoon. When you go to Elafonissi, do not miss to visit the monastery of Chrysoskalitissa. The monastery is built on a high rock, which looks like a fortress. According to legend, the last step leading to the monastery is gold, but can only be seen by those who truly believe in god.

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Chania International Airport: 6 kilometers

Souda Port: 14 kilometers

Chania City: 14 kilometers

Tersanas Beach: 500 meters

Stavros Beach: 2 kilometers

Kalathas Beach: 2 kilometers

Seitan Limania Beach 13 kilometers

Aptera: 25 kilometers

Gouvernetos Monastery: 8 kilometers

Holy Trinity Monastery: 5,3 kilometers


By air

There are many scheduled flights to choose from & to Chania Airport. In addition, there are daily flights to Chania from Athens.

By boat

There are scheduled ferries from many ferry companies to Chania from Piraeus, the largest port in Athens. Holidays start from the ship


When you arrive on the island, we are able to arrange the arrival and departure transfer. Transfers are organized upon request and at an additional cost.

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