Because We Care

We respect all natural and energy resources and try to use all available resources in a way that does not harm nature


We protect the environment

We actively contribute to environmental protection through the maximum possible reduction in the consumption of natural resources

At Chrysiida Suites we respect natural and energy resources and, therefore, we try to use all the possibilities we have in a way that does not harm the environment. We have an environmental policy that enables us to contribute to the ecological balance in order to present clean and sufficient resources for future generations.

We contribute to the protection of the environment through the maximum possible reduction in the consumption of natural resources by minimizing the effects on soil, water and air and any risk to the environment. We are active in the following areas:

We provide ongoing training and information to our staff regarding environmental issues so that they understand the importance of their personal involvement in the effort we make.

We inform our guests in order to ensure their commitment to an environmentally friendly approach during their stay.

Green Practices

We work diligently and consistently to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities through the sustainable management of energy and water use, the reduction of waste and waste as well as the reduction of chemicals.

We protect the environment

Responsible Actions for environmental protection

Environmental protection is one of our main goals in our operations We help as much as we can to reduce pollution and save natural resources and energy. To achieve this, we work with our staff and guests to save water and energy, protect nature, maximize the use of technology and recycle.

Water Saving

Saving water is vital. We gradually reduce the consumption of all water outlets (taps, showers, cisterns) by centrally controlling the pressure and flow. At the same time we have installed automatic watering devices for the gardens to minimize water consumption. We ensure that our pool operates in accordance with national standards regarding water quality, safety and hygiene. We inform visitors and train our staff on ways to save water. Finally, we carry out regular checks for leaks and losses from anywhere in our network.

Energy Saving

We are aware of our responsibility to actively contribute to the reduction of energy waste. We have changed all the bulbs in our accommodation to LED. We have programmed the exterior lighting so that it has the least possible consumption and with the shortest possible duration. We inform our guests about ways to save energy and we train our staff on ways to save energy. We have selected high energy class appliances and we have installed new technology A / C units that consume less energy and are more environmentally friendly. The doors and windows of our apartments have high thermal insulation.

Recycling & Composting

Recycling is at the heart of our actions to protect the environment. Since the beginning of our operation we have installed recycling bins in public areas to collect paper, glass, plastic and metals, which we recycle in accordance with national law. Personal hygiene products are environmentally friendly in recyclable packaging. In our facilities we have compost bins for organic waste and we produce compost which we use in our gardens.

Chemical Management

Our goal is to reduce the use of chemicals and - when necessary - to ensure their safest use (cleaning of bedding, spaces and surfaces). When choosing chemicals, always choose the ones with the least environmental side effects and make sure they are eco-labeled where possible.We take care of the regular maintenance of our pool water treatment system, resulting in reduced use of chemicals, and the cleaning staff receives regular training on how to safely use chemicals and dispose of their packaging.

Utilization of Technology

We promote the use of computers in communication between us, in order to communicate via email. We implement damage logging systems to reduce impressions and quickly correct damage. We're replacing old printers with new duplexers to save paper. We remove printed questionnaires, using - instead - online applications to collect our visitors' comments.

Enjoy Green Transportation

Would you like to avoid unnecessary car trips during your vacation? If yes! We provide you with bicycles to do your shopping nearby or even a leisurely walk at sunset with always respect for the environment

Would you like more information?

Ask your question directly in our contact form regarding the environmental policy we follow and we will inform you immediately about our actions

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