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Welcome Day

For your first day, with us, we made sure to be your first and best experience, on our wonderful island. We have prepared to offer you some of the most typical local flavors.

Upon your arrival and depending on the time you arrive, a delicious welcome with some of the best dishes from different parts of Crete will be waiting for you.

Leave the choice to us, you will enjoy (indicatively) either Cretan socks or Dako traditional with pure virgin olive oil and Cretan mizithra or strapatsada from fresh eggs or smoked Apaki, Cretan gruyere with honey, fresh fruit, barley buns and of course local raki and homemade wine.

A small party for you and your loved ones, to welcome you and introduce you to the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

But we did not end here, the party continues on the 1st morning when you wake up in your wonderful suite. We will prepare exclusively for you, a rich traditional Cretan breakfast with all the "goodies", as we say here in Crete, with pure natural local products, to wake up and enjoy our hospitality from the very first day, without any planning. And if you liked it, you can choose it as a daily habit.

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Relax and let go

Fresh juices and fresh fruits of our place, will be waiting for you every day at the pool, to enjoy them with your loved ones.

What more relaxing than drinking a refreshing local fruit drink, lying on the comfortable sun lounger, enjoying the refreshing sun and the freshness of the pool water.

We take care of everything and offer you generously to make your stay, better than you could have dreamed, for your vacation.

Indulge in our care and experience your most relaxed travel experience at Chrysiida Suites


Feel at home

Our suites have a fully equipped kitchen in every way. In fact, you have an amazing opportunity to add value to your vacation and save money to do more special things.

Gather the whole company, and prepare flavors and pleasures of your desire, you can be the “magician” of the company, giving the opportunity for everyone to participate in a game of creation and be all together up close, having fun.

In the kitchen of each suite, there is everything! All electrical appliances, including dishwasher and washing machine, cooking utensils and everything you need to set a table for all of you, with imagination.

And if you are a fan of Barbeque, we have taken care of that as well. A complete equipment available in our complex, will become the magic wand of the "roaster of the company", to excel with his gastronomic creations.

Enjoy all together, the result on the private terrace of your suite, open a bottle of Cretan wine and indulge in the vastness of the sea and the sunset.

Your smiles will be unforgettable.


We take care of you, to have only the best!

We take care for you to relax in every way. The sleeping systems (mattresses, sleeping pillows, bedding) that we have chosen for you, are among the best on the market, to offer you wonderful quiet nights and to guarantee you one of the best sleeps you have ever had in your life.

In the bathroom you will find all those small but necessary personal care & hygiene products, as well as all the facilities (eg hair dryer, hot water at all times, etc.), to complete the daily enjoyment of your personal care and rest.

And of course for your little favorite hero, we have made sure that at your disposal, if you need them, a baby crid and a high chair, so that your little ones can enjoy and relax.

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Vending Machine

Instantly and quickly all the cool and fresh products at your disposal!

At Chrysiida suites, you will find a vending machine for fresh and refreshing products.

Traditional Greek fresh products, cold juices, ice cold beers and delicious snacks are at your disposal, at very affordable prices, to satisfy your hunger, your thirst or to supplement your breakfast, on those relaxed days, when you do not want to do nothing but relax.

The modern vending machine is refilled daily with the freshest products that you will enjoy without unnecessary concerns. Try fresh cheeses and cold cuts, relax with your beer or soft drink by the pool, delay your little ones' hunger with a healthy delicacy until you are ready to eat.

Indulge in the rest of your vacation, we take care of everything you prefer not to focus on.

Premium on Demand

You ask and we deliver

Do not even think for a moment about the process and any difficulty you may put in your mind.

Whatever you need, it will come to your door without any problems.

With our service, YOU ASK FOR AND WE BRING IT, you prepare the list of products you need. Traditional products, hygiene products, ready meals from selected restaurants, the ingredients for your breakfast (unless you choose the traditional Cretan breakfast that we can take care of for you), the drinks, the juices you want, but also whatever else you need that we make sure they come to your door without any stress, without any worries.

The process of ordering and delivering your desired products  is our business.

Just sit comfortably in your chair, let your eyes get lost in the vast sea and leave everything else to us.

Premium on Demand

Enjoy an authentic Cretan breakfast daily

Did you like our CRETAN BREAKFAST on your first day at Chryssida Suites?

All you have to do is make it your most enjoyable daily healthy habit. Enjoy every day at the beginning of your day, a really healthy breakfast with the products of the Cretan land. Live differently and get to know the heart of the Mediterranean food culture.

The Cretan breakfast includes, only pure genuine products from local quality tested & certified producers:

    • - Fresh juices from local fruits, fresh seasonal fruits, dried fruits & nuts
    • - Local teas & herbs
    • - Bread - Nuts - Crackers & cookies
    • - Local pure honey & Fruit Jams
    • - Halva, Spoon sweets, Tahini & Local Pastelli
    • - Bars of locally produced cereals
    • - Cretan fresh olives, olive paste & pure virgin olive oil
    • - Specialty of the day from fresh traditional products of Crete, local cheeses and cold cuts

Premium on Demand

Taste the Tradition

It’s time for something different!

Experience and enjoy the traditional Cretan cuisine.

We will arrange all the preparation and organization for a really different tasting event.

A chef will come to your suite and cook traditional recipes, such as gamopilafo, skewered spaghetti, pork apaki, staccato eggs, pork pancetta, goat fricassee with stamnagathi, sfakiani pita, fried snails or whatever else satislies your imagination.

What; Do not understand what all these delicacies are?

Do not worry at all, you are in safe hands and we will provide the best. Just skip lunch and we guarantee that this dinner will be unforgettable.

Of course all the dishes will be accompanied by local cheeses, fresh salads such as Cretan dakos and fine local wines.

Throughout the preparationof this exquisite dinner, you or anyone else in your company, can watch and learn how all these wonderful things are made.

If you still prefer to distance yourself, stay on the terrace or in the pool area lounge, which we will have made sure to be properly prepared to welcome you and your dinner, overlooking the endless sea and the amazing sunset.

There is a wide variety of different menus, ask us for billing rates and required pre-booking.

And if we have forgotten something ... no problem!

We try to anticipate and offer you everything you may need during your stay at our complex. But different desires and the fact that life is unpredictable, led us to create for you another useful service for unexpected cases . For every unforeseen and important event, we provide you with the opportunity to contact us immediately and at any time of the day, in order to help you for any emergency. A representative of ours, on a specific telephone line, which will be given to you on the day of your arrival, will be at your disposal, to guide and support you in any way required, in order to find a solution to any problem that may arise.

Feel the security you need, knowing that we are always there for you.

Feel safe! We take care of everything

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Enjoy! We are here for you

Comfortable & enjoyable accommodation services

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